Homemade croissants, cakes, bread, biscuits, cereals, and then fruit, yoghurt, jams, juices and for those who prefer savory foods, eggs, a tasting of local cured salami, cheese and much more. Breakfast is served at the table, in the breakfast room open from 8.30 am untill 9.30 am, or in your room, and here it's truly the most important meal of the day!

If communicated in advance we also serve preparations for intolerants, vegetarians and vegans.

Breakfast is always included 

Pizza Night

We are of the opinion that you don't need to be hungry to eat pizza, which is why Stefano has decided to become the best pizza chef in the world! The pizza night is a convivial dinner based on all you can eat pizza. All types of pizzas will be served, prepared with a slow-rising dough, produced at 0 km and cooked in our wood-fired oven.

PRICE 25 € per person including drinks. Experience reserved for guests only

Cooking lesson

Learning to make fresh pasta will never have been so fun under Stefano's expert guidance.

During the 3-hour lesson, you will prepare tagliatelle or other types of egg pasta, sip some good wine and finally enjoy your preparations by consuming them in our company.

Also open to small groups (max 5 people). All the material necessary to carry out the activity is included. Single experience time from 10.00 am to 13.00 pm

PRICE 90 € per person. Experience open to EVERYONE

Amazing Swimingpool

The swimming pool is located under the open portic overlooking the valley. 9 x 4 x 1.50 m of regular depth, it is a seasonal, unheated swimming pool open from May to September, with an electrolysis system.

Open from 8.30 am to 7.00 pm, is free and reserved for guests, as well as for us owners. It is accessed from the front lawn where there are also comfortable adirondacks.

Upon request we also provide inflatables and water games.

The area is completed by a covered "lounge" and a picnic area with a brazier that allows you to enjoy the garden even in the colder months.

Access to the swimming pool is not permitted to animals (which must always be kept on a leash in the garden, unless previously agreed with the property) and to children under the age of 12, when not accompanied by a parent.

The use of the swimming pool is always included in the cost of the stay

Hot-Tube experience

This experience is perfect to regenerate body and mind.

A bath in a tub of wood-heated water is always an excellent way to let go of tension and if we combine that with the benefits of hydromassage and aromatherapy, relaxation is truly guaranteed.

An outdoor cuddle where you can get in tune with the surrounding nature, admire the sunset over the valley and inebriate yourself with the scents of wood.

1 hour experience on exclusive use of a 4 people maximum. During the cold seasons, thermal bathrobes, slippers and caps are provided.

PRICE 30 € per person. Experience reserved only for guests. A swimming pool that will leave you dissident

Yoga sessions

Private or small group lessons held outdoors, by Anna, RYS+CSEN250 teacher of Vinyasa yoga, who combines the thousand-year-old tradition of one of the oldest oriental disciplines with modern knowledge, to create a harmonious flow of movements coordinated by breathing.

The sessions last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and in addition to his proposals. Available for personalized sessions depending on everyone's needs.


Dynamic yoga: trail running (running on dirt roads) + vinyasa yoga practice

Yoga relaxation: practice of hatha yoga + yoga nidra

Mindful yoga: conscious excursion in nature + guided meditation

Single experience 60 €

Couple package 100 €

Groups of 3 or more people 40 € per person. Experience reserved for guests only


Massages and wellness treatments

We offer a wide range of massages to choose from.

Marco, a graduate in massophysiotherapy, is able to carry out all massage and physiotherapy therapies in aid of the work of doctors such as postural massages, fascial - decontracting massages, draining massages and cupping.

Laura, graduated in aesthetics, wellness and personal care, specializes in oriental massage techniques such as Kobido, Kirei, sound massage with Tibetan bells, body treatments with Thalasso products, Thai foot massage and Californian massage.

The operators are independent professionals therefore, to have more opportunities to take advantage of this service, it is necessary to book the treatments well in advance.

PRICES from 45 to 80 €. Experience reserved for guests only.

Complete list of treatments with related prices HERE

Botanical watercolor painting workshop

If you're looking for inspiration to illustrate and paint, but don't know where to start, the answer may lie in taking a painting class.

I will teach you, step by step the creative process.

No basic knowledge is necessary because you will start from scratch and discover your best ally in your mistakes.

The whole thing lasts about 2 hours and 30 minutes, during which you will take a break to have tea accompanied by some homemade cookies.

Also open to small groups (max 4 people). All the necessary to carry out the activity is included.

Single experience time from 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm

PRICE 25 € per person. Experience open to EVERYONE

Private dinner with show cooking

Immerse yourself in a private dining experience and taste authentic Pavia recipes passed down from your mother and grandmother prepared before your eyes.

Enjoy a 4-course menu (choice of meat, fish and vegetarian) which includes starter, first course, second course and dessert, with drinks included (water, wine and coffee).

Max 2 people

Single experience time from 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm

PRICE 60 € per person. Experience reserved for guests only.

E-bike rental

One of the best ways to spend a day outdoors and admire our beautiful hills is definitely to rent an e-bike and get lost pedaling. With the assisted pedaling, even the less sporty will be able to have fun without working too hard.

The bicycles are delivered clean, with a charged battery and protective helmet and for this reason they must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

Children's bicycles and baskets are also available upon request.

PRICE 50 € per person per day. Experience reserved for guests only

Couple or family photo shooting

The photo shoot takes place inside the property, in the house, in the rooms, or in the garden, depending on the season and the agreed time.

Simple, neutral clothing in light colors, such as white or beige, is required.

The session will last 2 hours.

From all the shots, 30 high resolution images will be selected, which will then be post-produced and delivered within 20 working days, via a password-protected online gallery.

PRICE 300 €. Experience open to EVERYONE

Guided tour of a beekeeping farm

Did you know that bees in flight can reach 24km/h, that they have an extremely sophisticated landing technique and that they are capable of making real mathematical calculations? You can listen to many other curiosities about these industrious insects during your visit.

We know that bees are fundamental to our planet and, in general, to our lives.

During the visit you will be able to see the hives up close, learn many interesting things and taste different types of honey, all in complete safety.

Visits by appointment only from May to September

PRICE 20 € per person. Experience reserved for guests only

Picnic among the vineyards

In Spring, as in Summer and, why not, even in Autumn, having a picnic is always a good idea.

We'll give you the basket, already stocked with everything you need: a cereal salad with seasonal vegetables, a selection of cured meats from the Salumificio Fratelli Daturi, onion omelette, homemade bread and focaccia, a varied dessert depending on the seasons, plates, glasses, cutlery and on request a nice bottle of wine!

You just have to choose the row you like best or one of the many panoramic spots suggested by us and take a seat. In Oltrepò no one will scold you if you cross a vineyard on foot, as long as you don't touch the grapes!!!

PRICE 30 € per basket (for 2 people). Experience reserved for guests only

Sassoubriaco: the aperitif with reinforcement

Not a simple aperitif, but a real taste experience.

Sassoubriaco is a pre-dinner cocktail based on Pinot Grigio from Oltrepo, rose syrup and fresh rosemary.

It is accompanied by a platter full of local products and gourmet finger food.

Everything is served on our terrace overlooking the sunset, or in front of the fireplace.

PRICE 15 € per person. Experience reserved for guests only

Helicopter flights

Why limit yourself to an "earthly" view when you have the opportunity to admire the area and its beauties even from above?

Thanks to Air Service Center, a helicopter flight school, you can have this adrenaline-filled experience and if you feel up to it, you can even fly a small two-seater.

PRICES from 15 to 30 € per minute depending on the vehicle (for a minimum of 20 minutes). Experience reserved for guests only

Wine tasting at farm

If you are a wine lover you probably already know that in Oltrepò there are as many as 1700 wineries and that many, upon reservation, offer the possibility of guided tours and tastings.

Below are our favourites:

Calatroni Agricultural Company [Santa Maria della Versa]

Lefiole - Piaggi Enzo's agricultural company [Montalto Pavese]

Tenuta Belvedere Wine [Montecalvo Versiggia]

Count Vistarino [Rocca de Giorgi]

The Vigna Alta [Montù Beccaria]

To get a broader overview of the many labels present in the area you can go to the Regional Enoteca of Lombardy in Broni.

If you prefer beer to wine, you can book a tasting at the Oltrepò Brewery in Mombelli.

PRICES from 15 to 65 € per person, depending on the winery and the experience

Sasso Bollente

Taking a sauna in a larch barrel promotes better blood circulation and helps release toxins from the body, stimulating the immune system and reducing stress. But that's not all: barrel saunas also offer a comfortable and inviting environment. They are believed to have originated in Scandinavia, where they were used by Nordic tribes as a way to purify the body and relax and when associated with a swim in a pool that recreates the typical immersion in a frozen lake or river water.

PRICE 35 euros per person. 20% discount if combined with the Hot-Tube experience

Christmas Workshop

We will learn together how to make a Christmas themed wreath using winter foliage, dried and stabilized elements, and seasonal materials.

A slow, relaxing and magical afternoon, to spend two hours in the company of the people you love. A practical experience awaits you, in which each participant will have the opportunity to create their own Christmas composition, to take home at the end of the session.

All the necessary is included and during the experience you will be served a delicious hot chocolate.

PRICE 45 € per person. Experience open to EVERYONE